Belgrade tourist guide


16. Belgrade Beer Fest from 15. to 19. august

From August 15th to 19th, Belgrade Beer Fest will be held at Usce with a varied musical program on three stages and the inevitable offer of beer. The stars of the first night at the Main Stage will be the favorite domestic rock band Partibrejkers who will perform at the biggest Belgrade festival after five years.
The band was founded in 1982, and the energetic rock and roll with gig and authentic performance even at the first appearance, showed that they are a group that will leave an indelible mark on the Balkan music scene.
After 36 years of career, perseverance, consistency, without any calculations and lining up for the audience, a completely sincere vision for their fans, they are fully entitled to carry the unofficial title of the "King of Serbian Rock".
On Thursday, August 16th, before the guests from Britain leave for the scene, the concert will be held by Dr. Nele Karajlic. On the second day of the festival, the Croatian-Serbian electro pop band Lollobrigida will lead the energetic Idom Prester.

Main Stage
• Dr Nele Karajlić
• Riblja čorba
• Partibrejkers
• YU grupa
• Aerodrom
• E-Play
• Lollobrigida

Innovation Stage
• The Stranglers
• Roisin Murphy

Alternative Stage
• Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša
• Obojeni program
• Đorđe Miljenović
• Viva Vops


Musicology at Kalemegdan: Koop Oscar Orchestra and Bokante 26. 07. 2018.

Koop Oscar Orchestra and "world music super band", Bokante, will close the second season of Musicology concerts at the Bitefartcafe Summer Stage club.
The second season of the Musicology concert series is lightly entering the finale, and the final stamp will leave the Swedish attraction Koop Oscar Orchestra (ex Koop) on June 24th, and Bokante - world music and jazz superbend, on July 26th, while another name for now remains a secret .
As these dates are already deep in the summer, the intimate atmosphere through which Musicology is recognizable will be transferred to the club among the Kalemegdan walls, the Bitefartcafe Summer Stage.

The former member of the celebrated electro jazz duo Koop, Oscar Simonsson, is back in Belgrade with his new band Koop Oscar Orchestra.
The main mission of the Koop Oscar Orchestra coincides with the musicology festival slogan, which propagates the celebration of the size of music - live.
As Simonson says, live performances can connect people better than anything else. Koop Oscar Orchestra will play the songs Simonsson wrote for Koop on the 24th of June, together with a new unpublished material. The essence of music is to create a common sound. All those lonely people on the laptop scene, who pretend to do something, cause sadness in me - says Oscar Simonsson.

Snarky Puppy, a planetary known jazz band and winner of the Gremi Prize, is a nursery of musicians in innovative new projects.
Although the audience wants the coming of the world's most famous jazz band in the world, Bokante will remind you why Snarky Puppy wears this title. The founder of the legendary Snarki, Michael League, has launched World Music and jazz super band - Bokante.
They will perform in Belgrade on July 26 in the summer club Bitefartcafe, in Kalemegdan.
Although the band is multilingual, multinational and multigenerational, we are interconnected as musicians and as human beings. It is this combination of our various intuitions and mentality that creates a receptive sound that can reach the heart of the audience all over the world - notes Michael League.
From the creation of the band to the way music is performed, Bocante is what we want to see in the world community: connection, unity and love, things that we discover only if we exchange their values, and music is that universal language that we all understand.
Tickets for Koop Oscar Orchestra are available through ticket networks Networking Eventim and DD Tickets.


27. BELEF 21.06.2018 - 15.07.2018

For 27 years the city of Belgrade is proudly organizing the Belgrade Summer Festival which brings together the best performers of music, dance and theater arts around the world. This year the festival is named "At Heart of BELEF", and its first beep will be heard on Friday, June 22 at 20.00 at the Kombank Hall in a concert called "Summer Reunion". The concert will be preceded by the performances of the Institute for the Artistic Game in front of Kombank Hall Plateau on Nikola Pašić Square which will start at 19.30.

Guided by BELEF Artistic Director Alexander Ilic and IPOC Chief Executive Gin Fu, a concert on the occasion of the opening of this year's BELEF will be presented as a collaboration between City of Belgrade, Global Intercultural Performing Arts Cast (GIPAC), International Prodigy Orchestra and Choir (IPOC) as well as the Fund for Young Talents.

His concept is a meeting of contemporary dance and classical music literature originating in Chinese, American and European cultural heritage. The repertoire that will be shown on the 22nd of June in the Kombank Hall will include "Fantasy on Serbian themes", Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov; "Somerset Folk Songs", English composer Ralph Vogan Williams; "Fanfare for an ordinary man", American composer Aaron Copland; "Dance of the People of Jao", Chinese composers Liu Tishan and Mao Juan as well as "Farandolu", from "Larlesen", French composer Georges Bize and many others.

At the invitation of the GIPAC Association to take part in the event on the occasion of the opening of BELEF, renowned vocal soloists from the USA, China and Serbia responded, highlighting the international character of the festival. Belgrade audience and all guests of Belgrade will be happy to listen to the champion of the opera of the National Theater in Belgrade, Primadonna Jasminu Trumbetas Petrovic (soprano), Wanzhe Zhang (soprano), which will be joined by young soloists who proudly follow the paths of the classic opera literary language - Marija Jelic (soprano) and Jongto Li (baritone).

Gipsy Kings

Disney On Ice: Worlds of Enchantment 2017/10/13 - 2017/10/15

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment, Feld Entertainment’s action-packed ice spectacular featuring four fun-filled Disney stories, is coming to Belgrade 13th 14th 15th October! 

Worlds of Enchantment showcases beloved characters from Disney●Pixar’s Cars, The Little Mermaid, and Disney●Pixar’s Toy Story 3, along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Joining these cherished characters are the stars of Disney’s Frozen. Tickets for performances at Kombank Arena go on sale today June 28.

Tickets for this extraordinary family event can be bought through Evenetim network (box office at Kombank Arena, Ticket Center, box office at Dom Omladine, bookstores Delfi, Ušće Shopping Center) and also online, via website . For group tickets (50 and more)  you can find the information  calling the phone number: +381 11 3340 410


INCOGNITO New Bitefartcafe, 28. sept. 2017.

Leaders of the British acid jazz scene, the Incognito group, will perform on 28.9. In the club Novi Bitefartcafe, Mitropolita Petra 8, as the first performer of the new season of Musicology Barcaffe Sessions. Tickets from Monday, 24.7, at all Eventim sales outlets. More than a band in the traditional sense, Incognito is a constantly changing collector of musicians, resulting in a dynamic music entity, which includes a wide range of styles and cultures.

Incognito brings the charged atmosphere and mastery of its music, the perfect celebration of more than 30 years of creation. It is a mix of soul and jazz, a fan and fusion with songs that include their classic early tracks, instrumentals, and selected kavere. Expect this to be a spectacular night, with your favorite Incognito songs and hits that fill the dance floor, such as' Always There 'or' Do not Worry 'Bout A Thing'.

If you did not listen to them live, this is the band that you must see! They shine in every segment with an irresistible grudge and always a positive message.


Sting, 2017/09/17

The world-renowned singer-songwriter will give a show in Belgrade on the 17th of September at Kombank Arena. For this long-awaited performance, Sting will be accompanied by a 3-piece band including his longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller, Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar) with special guest Joe Sumner, as well as accordion player, Percy Cardona, who regularly performs with The Last Bandoleros.

Tickets for Sting’s concert in Belgrade will go on general sale on Wed. June 21st at 10:00 am.    Members of the official fan club will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance beginning Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 with complete details available at Tickets from 2990 rsd will be available via CS Eventim and at the box offices: Kombank Arena, Bilet Centar Belgrade, Dom Omladine, Ušće Shopping centar.


Elemental Saturday 6. May 2017

Belgrade Youth Center 21:00

Elemental is a band whose musical base is located in rap music, but would hardly have been reduced to a single musical genre. In their colorful musical vision can be found traces of different genres that their expression unique and original. The specificity of this band are sharp text and interesting instrumental substrate which together constitute the authentic sound Elemental.
Elemental has never been a band that is considered his music product, but artistic expression, and their honest and a sincere attitude recognizes audiences throughout the region. Over the years Elemental starred in numerous Croatian cities, as well as Slovenia, BiH, Serbia and Macedonia.

Although there since 1998, the band who initially consisted of three MC-I now has seven members. Music, lyrics and arrangements created themselves over the years and have proven themselves as excellent music authors and performers.


World Day Of Jazz - Irena Blagojevic  Sunday, 30. Apr 2017 in 21:00

International Day of Jazz is celebrated worldwide on April 30, and that UNESCO as an official holiday. Jazz in the official documents of the UN since 2011, seen as a "means of communication, dialogue and unity among the people." Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade Jazz Festival since 2012. regularly celebrate this day by organizing jazz concerts whose mission is to popularize this kind of music, and view of the world with the widest possible audience.

This year, our choice is Irena Blagojevic - this featured jazz, pop and soul singer recently released a second album, entitled "A Beautiful City", published by PGP-RTS. It was made into a jazz-pop genre, in which Irena leads on the domestic scene, imposing itself as a mature singer, specific and recognizable style, but also a composer, arranger and songwriter. In a manner that is based on the tradition of classic jazz diva, strong and distinctive voice, with a fresh modern melodies with a hint of pop elements, bringing the nine songs that will be happy to listen not only to jazz fans, but also the wider public. Besides Irene (author and songwriter for most tracks, arrangements) to create the "Radiant City" worked and composer Lazar Avramovic, songwriter Dejan Ivanovic and Aleksandar Bahun, Ivan and Nebojsa Aleksijević Zulfikarpašić (arrangements). The album was recorded at Studio 6 RTS capture was Miki Todorović.


Pain  Monday, April 24 2017 at 20:00 House of Youth

When the legendary multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) in 1996 started his solo project PAIN sure he did not suspect that he would encounter great reactions of a large number of fans around the world and will in future PAIN become bend to sail the entire planet and become one of the most important industrial metal rock names today. 

Through the band's last real army of musicians from bands such as: I MMortal HAMMERFALL, Levaes' Eyes, Atrocity, Candlemass and many, many others. PAIN has so far released eight studio albums, singles and lajv variety of editions, and in Belgrade as part of their latest tour, Kojo promote the latest album Coming Home , which was released on Nuclear Blast Records last year. 


30. Belgrade marathon  22.04.2017.

Signing up for jubilee 30th Belgrade Marathon began on September 22, exactly seven months before this most important traditional sporting events in Belgrade and Serbia. It is already interest in participating in this event a lot - He said on this occasion Dejan Nikolić, director of the Belgrade Marathon. The race is open for participation of everyone 18 or older. The race starts at 10:00 at the junction of Bulevar kralja Aleksandra and Resavska street. The course runs through the following streets: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra – Branka Krsmanovića – Žička – Crveni krst – Kralja Nikolaja II (14. decembra) – Mekenzijeva – Trg Slavija – Nemanjina – Balkanska – Gavrila Principa – Brankov most – Bulevar Nikole Tesle – 22. oktobra – Vrtlarska – Ivićeva – Tošin Bunar – Zemunska – Vojvođanska – Nehruova – Jurija Gagarina – Milentija Popovića – Bulevar Mihaila Pupina – Bulevar Nikole Tesle – 22. oktobra – Vrtlarska – Ivićeva – Tošin Bunar – Zemunska – Vojvođanska – Nehruova – Jurija Gagarina – Milentija Popovića – Bulevar Mihaila Pupina – Brankov most – Brankova – Zeleni venac – Kraljice Natalije (Narodnog fronta) – Kneza Miloša – Kralja Milana – Terezije. The finish is in front of „Moskva“ Hotel.


Supernatural Festival  22.04.- 23.04.2017.

Beogradski Sindikat, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša on the Supernatural festival, Ada Huja. Tickets cost 600 dinars for one day, or 1000 RSD both days are in advance at all Eventim. 10% of the revenue from ticket sales Supernatural invest in afforestation Ada Huja. Supernatural continues the revitalization of ecosystem Ada Huja, an area that was once covered by forests and represent a habitat for many animal and plant species. To this end, de Supernatural festival and this year to invest 10% of the total net revenue from ticket sales for further afforestation Ada Huja native species of trees such as willow, poplar, red oak, white ash.


The Exploited Saturday, April 22 2017 at 20:00 House of Youth

The legendary Scottish punk band is finally coming to Belgrade! One of the last keepers of genuine punk spirit, persistent fighters for justice and truth, creators uncompromising rebellious attitude. My path started in 1979 and after a few demos in 1981 kicked debut album Punks Not Dead , which laid the foundations of a new wave punk sound and thus the direction and even the whole movement, gave a new wind at our backs. The Exploited through turbulent career experienced many ups and downs because of his hard stance often been targeted by the press, politicians and establishment. However, nothing could silence the rebels in Edinburgh and their story has lasted for 37 long years, and today there next punk fans around the world an identical price and fans of metal, hardcore and rock sound.

Special guests at the concert will appear and American punk veterans The Casualties whose popularity reaches a global scale and whose name is among the most important punk bands of today. Street punk sound of their launch in 1990 and since then the underground faithful to their convictions and principles. This year they released their tenth studio album Chaos Sound and now it promoted on a world tour.


Vlatko Stefanovski  21.04.2017. in 20:30

Legendary guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski will be held on April 21 in Belgrade's Sava Center concert with Big Band Orchestra of Slovenian Army! Sava center, Stefanovski and Big Band Orchestra Slovenian (Slovenia) army preparation repertoire consisting of some of its composition, but also a very well-known funk, jazz and soul of standards, as well as the track from the traditional music arranged for such a composition. There will also be some new arrangements and songs that have not performed together. Tickets cost 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, 1,800 and 2,100 dinars through a network of Eventim.

dani beograda

Days Of Belgrade 16.04. - 19. 04.2017.

Saves the glamorous manifestation "Days of Belgrade" from April 16 to 19. The plan concerts, exhibitions, everything will happen at Kalemegdan. During the four days of the festival, visitors will be able to enjoy three concerts. The doors of all the city's institutions will be opened. According to the city manager Goran Vesic, the central event will be marking 150 years since the Turks handed over the keys of the city of Belgrade Principality of Serbia. In circulation are three locations where they will set up an amphitheater - Donji grad Belgrade fortress, plateau Winners at the scene behind the Natural History Museum. Summer theater stage will be equipped with audio and video technology, which would allow thousands of spectators can follow the events. Stage would have a video projection.

The first day of the festival is called "April in Belgrade." The most beautiful popular songs dedicated to the capital will sing Dusan Svilar, Jelena Tomasevic, Vladimir Djuric Djura, Čujića Dejan, Tijana Dapcevic, Zarko Dančuo, Nada Pavlovic and Ekstra Nena. On the second day of the festival will perform Dragan Radakovic, one of the world's leading sopranos. Orchestra "Stanislav Binički" will have the appearance of "This is Serbia". The performance will be complemented by an actor Marko Nikolic, singers Merima Njegomir, Danka Stojiljkovic, Rade Jorović, Ceda Markovic and Belgrade Opera soloists Nevena and Dragutin Matić.

In celebration of the "Days of Belgrade 2017", in cooperation with the Commission for UNESCO at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be marked the International Day of Jazz (30 'April) with a big concert in the Republic Square, starting at 19 o'clock. There will Jovan Maljoković band and Vlada Maricic Quartet.

festival igre

Belgrade Dance Festival March 24. to April 11.

Taking one of the most prominent positions among European dance manifestations, Belgrade Dance Festival, on its fourteenth edition, from March 24 to April 11, will present an attractive selection of titles from the world scene. Belgrade, thanks to this festival, has become an important point in the biography of ballet artists, the city in which new and iconic dance pieces are presnted and interwined, in which ballet stars and young artists just announced by the world critics, gladly come every April. The significance of the event on the world map, is reflected in current programs, productions that are at the same time performed in the big cities of the world, or events that have premiere significance for the wider region. Discovering contemporary dance through its cutting-edge achievements, Belgrade Dance Festival has quickly gained a large audience. So far almost 200 top pieces were performed, created by the most important choreographers of our time, while each edition is followed by more than 18.000 spectators and 120 accredited journalists from the country and abroad. High standards of the program and the introduction of new dance and theater aesthetics, equally enhance the audience's expectations and the challenge of creating content. Festival has provided immeasurable support to local professional dancers, teachers, choreographers and young people from all artistic fields, who were brave enough to grasp new opportunities and who were ready for the challenge. Starting up the local dance scene resulted in founding of new companies, private schools, studios and magazines, inclusion of foreign choreographers in local production, but also the presentation of Serbian dancers to the world.


APOCALYPTICA - Hala Sportova, New Belgrade 4.4.2017.

With great pleasure to announce that this spring we will have the opportunity to enjoy the most attractive concert of the season - Apocalyptica celebrates 20 years since the release of the album "Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos" playing the greatest hits of the group Metallica!

Traditionally reluctant to our audience, Finnish rockers have put Belgrade on its European tour, and we 4th April 2017 in the Sports Hall have the opportunity to hear live the hits that made Apocalyptica, enabling it sold millions of albums and sold-out world tour.